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as the u.s. marks 2,000 soldiers killed in afghanistan since the start of the war in 2001. on saturday, a soldier was shot and killed during a gun fight with afghan soldiers. >>> three were killed, four others hurt in a drone strike in pakistan. it happened in the town of mir ali in waziristan. that region is known for hiding several several terrorist groups. >>> shortly after 10:00 last night, a call for shots fired near new york avenue and north capitol street. when they arrived, they found a woman shot in the arm and a man shot in the leg. both were alert and breathing. they were taken to a nearby hospital and expected to be okay. no word on if the shooter has been identified. >>> today a controversial coal fired power plant in alexandria will close. the gen on plant on north 49th street. gen on will get back $32 million that the city held in escrow to use for environmental controls under an agreement signed in 2008. alexandria mayor bill euille says the city hopes to develop the site into retail and commercial space. >>> occupy d.c. is back, and it could cause problems for your mor
department will present its findings to congress in the investigation of last month's attacks on the u.s. consulate that killed u.s. ambassador chris steven son and three other americans. yesterday, the department said it did not believe the attacks were linked to protests or anticipate-islamic films made in the u.s. new documents suggest there was a disagreement about the internal security needed at the consulate before the attacks. >>> a major poll says mitt romney has pulled into the lead in the race for the white house after a strong debate performance and a week of high profile events, romney is now beating president obama by four points. >> tom fitzgerald talk to the people would put this all together and he has the details for us this morning. s morning. >> reporter: for mitt romney, the post-debate bounce is stretching into its second week. >> that was a good debate. i enjoyed that debate. >> reporter: while president obama is looking to get back on track and back into the lead. >> we cannot afford to be complacent and we cannot afford to be cynical. >> reporter: just last month,
, 2012, live look outside right now at the u.s. capitol dome. good morning, i'm wisdom martin. >> welcome to fox 5 morning news. definitely felt a little bit of a chill in the air but about the same as we had yesterday. >> temperatures are 10 degrees warmer? >> they are? >> yeah. >> than they were yesterday morning. ? >> come on, sarah. >> i didn't feel it that much warmer. >> that is because wisdom goes if his fancy house to the garage. just kidding. >> i like it though. >> let's go to temperatures. >> let's just do that. >> 56 at reagan national. dulles, 52. bwi marshall, 48. remember yesterday, dulles was back in the 30s. >> oh, it's all coming back to me now. >> yesterday, reagan national was in the upper 40s at this hour. so a little bit warmer than yesterday. still, it is on the cool side and it is pleasant. should see plenty of sunshine here early. we'll seat clouds increase a little later this afternoon. and eventually that band of rain you see out towards cincinnati will get in here. the same band of rain that brought the rain delays to the baseball games yesterday. it could drop
rd. taking a live look right now at the u.s. capitol dome and nice and quiet out there this morning. a little brisk i guess you could call it. temperatures in the 50s right now. as tucker mentioned, things will be going up later on today temperature wise o. good morning. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's get to tucker right now and get the latest on our forecast. >> feels a lot like it did yesterday at this time. >> it's a little bit warmer than yesterday but it is cooler outside with temperatures falling back to the 50s, a few 40s out there but we're shaping up to have a great tuesday at least temperature wise. a little more in the way of cloudiness but no complaints. 53 this morning out at dulls. remember yesterday temperatures flirted with the 30s during the early morning hours. you can see we're a little warmer today. looking at our satellite radar, we are looking at some cloudiness here off to the north and to the north and west. that's actually a warm front stretching through and that's going to allow us much warmer air in here later this morning, so after a cool start to t
on the shoreline as hurricane sandy approaching the u.s. >> we are keeping everybody out of the water. we are not putting the guard in the towers because it's little bit dangerous with the wind so we are patrolling in our trucks. >> reporter: the hurricane is expected to merge with a winter storm and blast of arctic air. weather forecasters say atlantis agood chance much of the east coast will get hit with gale force winds, heavy rain,ed intoing and maybe even snow. >> you will have lots of people affected. >> reporter: some folks in maryland are already heading to home detoe to stock occupy supplies. >> it has been a very active morning. >> looking at a generator. time to have some back-up. >> reporter: lot storm is not expected to hit until early next week, utility officials in connecticut aren't taxing any chances. >> we are having conversations right now with mutual assistance organizations and contractors within a two to three-day drive from here trying to ascertain that you are availability. >> reporter: some forecasters say the worst it was could be focused around new jersey and ne
,en. live look outside right there at the u.s. capitol dome. blankets, turn on the heater, whatever you need to do to stay warm if you don't like the chill. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. gwen is in for tucker. how are you doing? >> you are so from the south. >> i can't help it. >> you are from canada. we have like the two polar opposites. >> here we go. >> i don't like if t. if it gets too cold but not as a big of a wimp as wisdom. >> it is jacket weather. >> it will be cool outside. here is our accu-weather fox 5 radar composite. the clouds are rolling in across the region. we are not talking a lot of sunshine today so don't expect it. there is rain pushing its way in from the south-southwest and that will head our way into the course of the day. be prepared for that. right now, not seeing any of that across our immediate area but it is in the forecast to come. current temperatures, 46 degrees at reagan national airport. 40 at dulles. 42 at bwi thurgood marshal so yes, it is chilly. even colder to the west. we've freeze warning in effect and a frost advisory in effect until
and the yankees now lead 2-1. >>> the most sophisticated doping program in u.s. history. that is what they are saying about lance armstrong and his former teammates. newly released details of their investigation.   stay with us. we'll be back.  >>> cyclist lance armstrong is implicated in what is being called the most sophisticated doping program in recent sports history. the u.s. antidoping agency released a report accusing the cycling champion of using performance-enhancing drug during his career. armstrong's lawyer says the usada ignored hundreds of doping tests the cyclist passed during his career. >>> the supreme chiewrt has heard a case that could have major implication for every college and university in america. it is about whether race can be a factor in determining whether a student is admitted or not. the case was brought by a woman who was denied entrance to the university of texas at austin when she was a teen. abigail fisher showed up at the high court yesterday. she says she didn't get into the university because she was white.
outside. happy friday, everyone. it is october 12th, 2012. that is the u.s. capitol dome and we are in washington, d.c. where the nationals are still alive. good morning. i'm wisdom martin. sarah has the day off. welcome to fox 5 morning news. i was trying to give you an out by talking about the nationals and the os won and the excitement. >> we got a lot of great baseball later this afternoon. >> what is up with the weather? >> so let's get to some numbers. let's talk about right now. we are cool and the temperatures falling back. look at dulles, 39 degrees at dulles. 49 at reagan national. lots of sunshine today but off to the north and west, see the chock out towards detroit, that is our next cold front that. will wash through here later today. it will pick up the winds. later this afternoon, we'll have pretty good breezes. as we get into the nighttime hours, our temperatures will fall off. so game time tonight i think we'll be in the 50s but there will be a pretty good breeze out of the north and west, probably 15, 20 miles per hour. we'll see if that is a player in the game
on the u.s. consulate in libya and as president, romney said he would arm syria's rebels. >> and then ensure that they receive the arms they need to defeat assad's tanks and helicopters. >> reporter: in the middle east, romney says the president has alienated israel. >> we can't support our friends and defeat our enemies when our words are not backed up by deeds. >> reporter: but democrats are hitting back. >> amateurish, that is what news media and others called mitt rney's gaffe-filled tour. >> i say we focus on the people would actually attack us on 9- 11 and now osama bin laden is no more. >> reporter: gallup has the race tied at 47%. rasmussen has the race tied at 48%. >> when we pushed the uncommitted voters, the results get even closer. >> reporter: results that the 2008 republican nominee says puts this race up for grabs. >> there is a lot to happen in the next 30 days, tom. >> reporter: in a fox 5 interview, senator john mccain says the obama administration's handling of the libyan cannes last attack is part of a pattern of confusion in u.s. foreign policy. >> ho
of the beltway between college park, colesville road and making your way over to 355. >>> in the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya, hillary clinton is now taking responsibility for security at the american consulate and all other embassies around the world. she is currently on a trip to peru and tells journalists that diplomatic security is her responsibility and not that of the white house. congressional hearings last week revealed that the state department rejected requests for increased security in benghazi. four americans died in the september 11th attack including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. >>> president obama and mitt romney will face off for their second presidential debate tonight. the latest confrontation is being held at hofstra university in new york's long island. only this time, it's up to hall meeting format. audience members will be able to ask questions directly to the candidates. for mitt romney, it is a chance to show his first debate wasn't a fluke and for president obama, it is a chance to regroup after what he admits was a less than stellar performance. >> he has to wo
. >> the pentagon used the dna from living relatives to positively identify the remains. 73,000 u.s. servicemen are still missing from world war ii. >>> are you in the market for i anew home. coming up next, you could be in line for big help in the form of a down payment. >> plus, another mess at the reflexing pool t looks more like a drained swamp. we thought this was fixed. details this late project coming up. let's talk to tucker barnes. >> didn't they spend millions of dollars trying to get that thing straightened out. going to be a beautiful day. we are expecting high temperatures, about 80 degrees, lots of sunshine. cooler temperatures on the way for the weekend. we'll talk about that. julie wright has a look at the traffic coming up after the break. ♪ ♪ we were skipping stones ♪ and letting go ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients
to the bahamas. port of the bay hams are under a tropical storm warning. there is a chance it could hit the u.s. on halloween. >> not a very good trick. >> no. if it hits that hard, there won't be any treating going on either. -- parts of the bahamas are under a tropical storm warning. >> here is tucker to talk about our weather situation. >> yeah, after a quiet couple of weeks, things are going to get action packed by the end of the weekend. >> it has been quiet. >> let's talk local weather real quick in case you are headed out the door. we're doing fine. could be a little fog. reagan national, 63. so temperatures not terrible. i mean not terribly cool start to your day. enout they temperatures because by early next week, our high temperatures won't be anywhere near the 106. you have to wait and see the seven-day forecast. here is sat height radar. nice and quiet. this is a little fog developing in spots. otherwise, it should albright dosement day, partly sunny and a little cooler than yesterday. we can't be in the 80s every day in october and we won't be. we'll we'll be back into the 70s. a
.m. here on fox 5. >>> new this morning, a hearing is scheduled for later today in the case of a u.s. army private first class bradley manning. he was arrested back in 2010 accused of giving classified documents to the whistle-blower web site wikileaks. he is charged with several counts including aiding the enemy and transmitting defense records, all of this are considered death penalty offenses. >>> also this morning, metro's long awaited promise to expand wireless service throughout its system may have to wait a little longer. metro has requested appear extension on the project saying they need until december 2015 to ensure all safety upgrades are in place following the twine red line crash. this is the second extension requested by metro six the deal was first made in 2008. >>> the search is on for the person who shot two men? silver spring last night. police were first called to the golden china restaurant in the 12000 block of old columbia pike just after 7:00 p.m. the victims were found in a car two miles down the road. investigators are trying to figure out where the shooting actual
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13